Zoo Crew Card and Your Business

What the Zoo Crew Card means to your business

ZooTapRadio introduces the zoo crew card.

This creates a unique opportunity for your business to offer discounts to a customer base strictly identified as the zoo crew from ZooTapRadio as well as other potential customers who visit our zoo crew business directory.

As thousands of these zoo crew cards are being given away, increases the opportunity of your business getting the attention from our zoo crew directory and a visit from a zoo crew member.

Bringing virtual to reality!

http://www.zootapradio.com/membership/zoocard.pngLocated on the back of the zoo crew card is a dynamic QR code. By using a dynamic QR code will enable ZooTapRadio to edit on the fly and keep our listener base (zoo crew) updated with sales and discounts from businesses and much more. This gives us a captured audience of thousands as zoo crew members continually scan the QR code on a regular base.


http://www.zootapradio.com/zoocrew/files/upload/htmleditor/code39-edit.jpgAlso on the back of the zoo crew card is a barcode (barcode 39). Each card is sequentially numbered and the first three characters begin with ZCM as to identify it being a zoo crew member. This is provided so you can enter this into your business system and keep track of discounts and offers given to zoo crew members at check out. A great way to measure sales.


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